What Is Business Fraud?

Business fraud, which is also called financial fraud, often occurs in real estate and business transactions where a person uses deceptive practices to steal money. This can include such tactics as:

  • A contractor promising to complete a kitchen remodel, and then after receiving payment, installing inferior products to what was specified
  • A real estate agent or owner not disclosing negative information about a property before the sale is closed
  • A bookkeeper or professional, such as an accountant, using their access to embezzle money from you
  • A business partner breaching their agreements and withdrawing funds from business accounts for personal use

These actions are all examples of business fraud. If you are suffering because of it, we can help. Attorney Brian Weinberger's over three decades of experience have earned our firm a respected courtroom reputation throughout Arizona. We will not let your business, personal or otherwise, be derailed because of another party's willful deception.

Helping You Overcome The Devestation Of Fraud

You cannot be completely protected against fraud. You can take every precaution in the world but in the end, anyone can betray your trust and cause you untold financial hardships because of it. When you are struggling with the fallout from financial or real estate fraud, you have options.

Weinberger Law has over 30 years of litigation experience, but we are also a fellow business who understands how hopeless fraud can make you feel. We will pursue action against the people who victimized you and fight to get you the results you need.

Help In Hard Moments

We are business lawyers, and we know that when lies threaten your financial well-being, the last thing you want to hear about are legal fees. We offer creative, personally tailored structures so we can get to work for you and get your business back on track.

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