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How to spot unfair competitive practices

For many business owners, their entire livelihood rides on the success of their operation. You are responsible for the ins and outs. A good reputation is a key aspect of your organization, whether it be big or small.

Unfortunately, running a business is not always a smooth process. A person or another business can come into the picture and cause a major disruption. What are your rights as a business owner? How do you know when it's cause for legal action?

Unfair competition laws could protect your investments.

Unfair competition laws

You might notice another business in the marketplace is competing unfairly. Unfair competition laws are intended to protect your business against deceptive business practices. If you feel like your business is under attack or your reputation might be unjustly tarnished, you should be aware of your rights as an owner. Trademark infringements, trade defamation and misappropriation are all examples of unfair competitive practices.

Trademark infringement

A trademark infringement happens when someone violates exclusive rights attached to your trademark without your permission. A person or business might use a trademark that closely resembles yours, on products that are equally similar. Common examples of trademark infringement include counterfeit products, such as bootlegged movies and knock-off handbags.

Trade defamation

Trade defamation is false communication that harms you or your business's reputation. There are two forms of defamation: libel and slander. While libel is written and slander is spoken, both can be equally harmful. Trade libel is specific to businesses. You might have a strong trade libel case if you suffered monetary loss from a defamatory publication.

Misappropriation of business trade secrets

Trade secret laws protect trade secrets such as formulas, plans, customer lists, data and personal information. If someone obtains or publishes your business information or data, they may be charged with trade secret misappropriation. Since this information is intended to be a secret, dealing with this kind of theft is complicated.

Unfair competitive practices are not always easy to spot. By the time you notice, it can already be disrupting your business. It's important to act immediately. Protecting your business's reputation and brand is top priority.

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