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Employment law encompasses much more than you may think

As a worker for a Scottsdale company, you have certain rights. You may not know what all of those rights are, however. The fact is that employment law covers and includes much more than you may think.

Discrimination issues fall under employment law. Anytime you feel that you are harassed, retaliated against or terminated without cause because of your race, gender, religion or more, your employer may have violated employment laws against discrimination. Both the federal government and the state of Arizona offer certain groups protections under such laws.

If your employer fails to pay you overtime you are legally entitled to, it's an employment law violation. This also includes misclassification of you as an independent contractor rather than an employee or an exempt or nonexempt worker. It also includes issues arising out of not receiving meal breaks, payment for attending mandatory meetings on your day off and more.

Other issues that fall under this umbrella of laws include noncompete agreements, employment contracts and confidentiality agreements. You may also have a claim under these laws if your employer violates the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Arizona Employment Act. Changes in this area of law happen often.

As you can see, employment law deals with numerous issues that you may encounter while on the job. If you suspect that your employer has failed in his or her duty to protect your rights, then you may want to take steps to find out for sure. Understanding your legal rights and options could help you determine what steps you can take next. A Scottsdale attorney could prove invaluable in your efforts.

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