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Why is a real estate appraisal important in a home purchase?

As a Scottsdale resident searches for a home in the area, one of the primary considerations is probably the price. Once a home is chosen, the purchase price drives a large part of the remainder of the transaction. A monetary offer is made and accepted. Then the mortgage loan process picks up speed if it has not already begun, and a real estate appraisal is a required part of that transaction.

The home inspection contingency in real estate contracts

Buying a home here in Scottsdale can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. After looking at numerous homes, a buyer finally finds one that he or she wants, but now has to wait until completing scores of paperwork and several due diligence tasks. One of those tasks will more than likely involve a home inspection, which could end up being the critical piece of the real estate transaction.

What is the role of title insurance in real estate transactions?

Closing on the purchase of a piece of property, whether here in Scottsdale or elsewhere, requires the completion of numerous steps. Some of those steps include making sure that no title defects exist and that the legal description of the property is accurate and conforms to what the person is buying. Answering these questions, and others, requires a review of the real estate records associated with the property. If something is amiss, then there is work to be done in order to make sure that everything is corrected prior to closing.

Real estate transactions encompass more than the purchase

The buying and selling of land here in Arizona happens nearly every day. These transactions have many moving parts, and failing to complete one of the many tasks required prior to completing the purchase could cause problems in the future. For this reason, it may be a good idea to gain a better understanding of the obstacles you could face as you attempt to purchase a piece of real estate.

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