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Production of ideas is a growing industry. In this age, the creation of new technologies, business methods and branding are moving at a pace never before seen. Theft of these news ideas and the ingenuity that is unfortunately behind that theft is also moving at a rapid pace. Your ideas deserve protection because they are your livelihood.

Arizona lawyer Brian Weinberger has spent over 30 years helping people and businesses protect their intellectual property rights when they come under attack. We provide experience and concrete trial skills to hold up your claim to the ideas you produce. Protect your intellectual property rights, call us at (480) 536-9991.

Weinberger Law Offers Solutions for Employers

Our respected experience in the courtroom is what enables Arizona-based businesses to feel comfortable coming to us with their most complicated issues. We have litigated and succeeded many times under the various intersections of employment law and commercial litigation. Because of this we can advise and direct you in such needs as:

And any other employment law need you may have. You want an Arizona labor and employment disputes lawyer with trial experience that can guide you to understanding your vulnerabilities and your strengths in employment law.

Protecting Employees

There are many laws protecting employee interests that may apply to you. At the same time there are limitations to those laws of which you need to be aware. Our Arizona business lawyers provide hourly-fee based services to educate employees on what they need to know about:


When you understand where you stand it is easier to develop a plan to move forward.

Attorney Brian Weinberger’s over 30 years of experience allows us to give you insight into employment matters from a litigation perspective that you will find invaluable.  For help with a labor and employment dispute in Arizona contact us at (480) 536-9991.

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Our office is located in Scottsdale and we serve all of the surrounding areas, such as Maricopa County, Pima County and Coconino County. Our Arizona labor and employment disputes lawyers protect your interests and build a solution to move forward. Contact us today by calling (480) 536-9991.

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We are business lawyers, and we know that when lies threaten your financial well-being, the last thing you want to worry about are legal fees. We offer creative, personally tailored structures so we can get to work for you and get your business back on track.

Contact our Arizona business attorneys online or by calling our Scottsdale office today at (480) 536-9991.

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