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In many areas of life, you are going to come into conflict with other people. It could ever be any number of things, but the important thing to remember is that once something gets into a courtroom, the control is taken away from you. It is in your best interests to pursue an amicable, reasonable solution to the conflicts you are facing.


At Weinberger Law, we have a long history of successful mediation across Arizona. The way we look at it, if our Arizona mediation lawyers can fight for your problem, they can help you work it out, too. Get a resolution to your dispute that works and will last for a lifetime, call us at (480) 536-9991.

How a Mediation Attorney in Arizona can Help

On the surface, some may think that litigation and mediation are in no way related. That is not the case at all. They are both strategies to achieve a result. The advantage of mediation is that the people involved retain control of the process at typically a fraction of the cost of full-scale litigation.

Medication can lead to favorable, lasting results for you in cases related to:


  • Family law concerns such as divorce, child custody and child support.
  • Employment issues such as discrimination and contract negotiation.
  • Real estate disputes.
  • Personal injury settlements, including motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents.

With our experience and creativity, we can reframe an issue for you and offer guidance that will move you forward. We have an instinct about sensitive topics and when a problem could spin out of control. Our Arizona mediation attorneys are able to offer solutions that defuse and close legal problems efficiently.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and fully confidential form of alternative dispute resolution designed to allow a neutral party, a “mediator”, to try to facilitate a compromise or settlement between the arguing parties. The mediator will shuttle in between the two parties, communicating and trying to make a compromise with each until a settlement can be reached. It’s a process that can continue for an undefined period of time, as long as progress is being made into agreeing on a final settlement. If the parties don’t show any progress or can’t compromise on an agreement, then the mediation process will end.

Difference Between Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.

There are different ways in which a legal dispute can be solved, some of them include mediation, arbitration and litigation. Although they all share similar characteristics they are different approaches that can be taken to settle a legal issue.

Litigation is when you go to court and lawyers represent the two sides of an issue in front of a judge; a judge or a jury or a judge decides the outcome of the case.

Arbitration is similar to a trial where there is an “arbitrator” who makes the final decision as to who wins or loses the case, just like a jury does in litigation. Unlike litigation, arbitration is a more informal process that typically takes place in a lawyer’s conference room instead of a court room.

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When you use mediation services, either by engaging a mediator or using an attorney, you can avoid the often staggering costs of hard-fought litigation. Let us help you build for your future and reach a dispute resolution. Call us at our office in Scottsdale at (480) 536-9991.


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