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At Weinberger Law, our Scottsdale Antitrust and Unfair Competition Lawyer have helped people and businesses protect their share of the markets they serve. Business works best when there is competition for the available customers and each company offers a unique authority and service. However, if you face struggles due to the tactics of your competitors working to drive you out of business, you have options available to you.


We tailor our service to you by combining our decades of trial experience with a deep understanding of the law. We put the work in that allows your business to thrive in the marketplace, call us for a case review at (480) 536-9991.

Why Choose Weinberger Law?

Competition is expected in any business, sometimes it is friendly and sometimes it is fierce. However, when competition crosses the line into commercially unfair practices or when someone attempts to control a marketplace, you deserve protections for what is yours.

Competence is measured by results, and our Arizona business lawyers have earned results for our clients by:

  • Prosecuting antitrust claims in response to patent infringement suits.
  • Prosecuting claims against competitors who file sham complaints with government agencies.
  • Arguing cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit regarding technology licensing issues.
  • Keeping a close eye on prospective mergers and lobbying.

Additionally, we aid businesses facing hostile marketplaces built on unfair competition tactics such as false advertising, cybersquatting and confusion of customers. Your competition should be held accountable for resorting to this type of mud-slinging. You deserve your chance to succeed and with the right Arizona antitrust and unfair competition attorney you can have that chance.

Anti-Trust And Unfair Competition Advocacy in Arizona

Attorney Brian Weinberger built his reputation as a respected litigator for commercial disputes over more than 30 years. When you have concerns about the actions your competitors have taken you can trust that he will take the time to educate you and build a plan to get you the results you need.

Contact our Arizona antitrust and unfair competition lawyers by calling (480) 536-9991 to schedule a meeting in our Scottsdale office. We will create a fee arrangement unique to your needs.

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We are business lawyers, and we know that when lies threaten your financial well-being, the last thing you want to worry about are legal fees. We offer creative, personally tailored structures so we can get to work for you and get your business back on track.

Contact our Arizona business attorneys online or by calling our Scottsdale office today at (480) 536-9991.

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