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Phoenix Law Firm Offers Creative and Affordable Option for Business Legal Services in 2023


Phoenix Law Firm Offers Creative and Affordable Option for Business Legal Services in 2023Looking for an affordable Phoenix Law Firm Offers Creative and Affordable Option for Business Legal Services in 2023? The corporate law and contract law lawyers at Weinberger Law offers professionals to effectively operate to help local business with expert legal advise.  A good business team includes ready access to legal counsel. For those businesses that can afford to do so, an in-house general counsel is often the answer. However, this solution is not feasible for most small companies. This includes, especially start-ups, who may often take unwise legal risks or gambles solely to avoid expensive legal fees that would squeeze their budgets. Learn more


Local Phoenix Business Law Firm

One local law firm has decided to do something to help small and medium-sized businesses. Are you in a precarious predicament? Weinberger Law, can help provide you with the convenience and availability of an in-house general counsel without the high costs. The service is called ‘Fractional General Counsel’.


Legal first responders

“Our goal is to be legal first responders when our clients encounter legal issues,” said Brian Weinberger, of Weinberger Law. “Many business owners either find themselves calling attorneys frequently and paying expensive hourly rates, or they avoid calling an attorney altogether for fear of what the cost will be.


Utilizing legal services

Our goal is to take companies out of the position of having to make all-or-nothing decisions when it comes to utilizing legal services. decisions that can turn cavities into root canals – and to provide skilled legal counsel who is fully versed in the intricacies of the particular type of business which we serve.  Like skilled first responders in our communities, we take the first call and initiate a measured response in real time, as legal issues arise.”

Fractional General Counsel is not a one-size-fits-all program. The program offers a flexible fee structure and flat monthly fees that are tailored to each client’s particular business and needs – This is why it works, when other similar programs fail.


About Weinberger Law:

Weinberger Law ( is a strong, business-focused law firm that gets results through innovative solutions, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ concerns. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the firm serves individuals and small to large businesses throughout the country needing representation in the state of Arizona.

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Brian Weinberger

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