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Mediation for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Mediation for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Why It Matters

Mediation is a popular method of alternative dispute resolution for individuals and companies alike. For small and medium-sized businesses, mediation can make or break a company’s bottom line. Businesses of that size might not have enough budget for litigation, which can take years to complete, making mediation can be a welcome option. The team from Weinberger Law has more than 30 years of experience fighting for clients using mediation to resolve disputes, and will we fight for you with the same grit and tenacity. Let’s look into why mediation is a valuable and useful alternative to litigation.


Time Is Money

Time is money, and that is not an understatement. A mediation attorney in Arizona will tell you that every small or medium-sized business wants to do everything possible to save money. It matters to the bottom line. If your small business doesn’t have a lot of employees, you will likely have to handle all legal matters with the help of an attorney. No one wants to litigate for years when mediation can resolve a problem swiftly. The more time you have to focus on the business, the more money you will be able to make.


Staff Can Focus on Operations

When you utilize mediation to resolve conflict, your staff can focus their efforts on the operations of the company instead of investigating a problem. A prolonged investigation will force you to utilize human resources, which will cause employees to shift their focus away from regular tasks, leading to overtime expenditure and incomplete work.


Mediation Is Confidential

Are you worried about exposing trade secrets in litigation while resolving a dispute with another company in your industry? If so, mediation is your best option because of confidentiality. Everything discussed during mediation is confidential. The same goes for disputes between your company and one of its employees. If the issue heads to litigation and is a high-profile matter, you can almost guarantee that the information will become public.


You Control the Pace and Direction of Mediation

Another added benefit of mediation for small and medium-sized businesses is that the parties involved can control the pace and direction of the process. The amount of time it takes for mediation to resolve a dispute depends on the motivation of the participating parties. If you and the other party are determined to come to a resolution as quickly as possible, then it will occur at that pace. Your mediation attorney will not decide anything for you. However, they will keep the mediation process moving forward, so you do not come to a stalemate.


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