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Making Real Estate Deals

Making Real Estate Deals? DON’T Do Them Without an Arizona Real Estate Lawyer

Entering into the real estate market in Arizona is a venture thousands of people take every year. Whether it is buying their first home, selling a property, purchasing land, or renting office space, thousands of transactions occur throughout Arizona. A real estate lawyer in Arizona can help you navigate the real estate market safely. You should never take part in real estate deals without the help of an Arizona real estate lawyer from Weinberger Law. There’s too much at stake, including your investment. This article will cover some situations where a real estate lawyer is an indispensable asset in the real estate process.


Avoid Unclear and Vague Terms

A contract can be challenging to write and interpret on your own. Therefore, you must hire a real estate attorney when buying or selling property in Arizona. When you hire an attorney, they will review the contract presented for the transaction to make sure that it does not include any unclear or vague terms.


Facing a Short Sale or Foreclosure

If the property you wish to purchase is going through a short sale or a foreclosure, it is best to work with a real estate attorney. During this type of transaction, such as one where you are buying a home from a bank, your lender will likely require you to hire a lawyer. The reason for this process is that the lender will want a lawyer to investigate and ensure there is nothing wrong with the title of the property.


Property That Belongs to Someone’s Estate

Are you dealing with property that belongs to someone else’s estate in Arizona? For example, was property left to you when a parent, grandparent, or other family member died? A real estate lawyer in Maricopa County will be able to handle this delicate situation, especially if you want to sell a property held by an estate. The process can be long and arduous, so you want to retain the services of a dedicated attorney to stay vigilant for you.


Handle Commercial Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are much more challenging to complete compared to residential deals. There are issues involving tenants, landlords, rent, and other problems. The slightest issue can hold up a commercial real estate transaction to the point where the other party might decide to withdraw, leaving you without a building or with a building you are still trying to sell.


Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Attorney

There are numerous benefits of working with a real estate attorney. Here are some things an attorney can do to help in the real estate process:

  • Protect you from significant financial loss
  • Review loan documents for possible errors
  • Handle all title problems
  • Ensure the sales contract represents the rights and interests of a seller
  • Oversee tenant and landlord disputes


Ready to Buy or Sell Real Estate? Speak With an Attorney Today

If you are prepared to buy or sell Arizona real estate, you need to protect yourself and your investment with the help of a real estate attorney in Maricopa County. The expert attorneys at Weinberger Law know real estate law and can help you achieve your real estate goals. We will ensure your contracts are sound, and we will not allow another party to take advantage of your situation. Call us today at 480-536-9991 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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