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Tips for Choosing the Best Mediator

Tips for Choosing the Best Mediator in Life and Business

Mediation is a unique skill that must be honed. Mediation itself is one of the most powerful tools available in our legal system to resolve disputes efficiently and inexpensively, whether they be disputes amongst employees, co-workers, vendors, contractors or others in their lives. Most residential real estate contracts in Arizona, in fact, require that parties mediate their disputes before anyone can file a lawsuit. Here are some useful tips for choosing the best mediator in life and business.


A Mediator Must Be Honest, Trustworthy and Above All Neutral

A mediator is not a judge. He or she does not decide who wins or loses. A mediator’s job is to talk to both parties and try to facilitate a settlement. If you do not feel as though you can trust your mediator, or do not feel safe that the mediator is neutral, it can be next to impossible to resolve anything. Make sure in choosing a mediator that you feel safe with him or her and that you feel confident that you will be heard.


Compassion and Empathy are Key

Having empathy for both parties involved, as well as showing compassion, are the essential traits of any great mediator. An Arizona mediation attorney can establish a better rapport not only to ingratiate themselves with the relevant parties, but it will also go a long way in facilitating the most desirable outcome for his or her clients.


A Mediator Must be Creative

Oftentimes, people who are at odds over money can get caught in a game of meet-me-in-the-middle.  This is not an effective way to mediate. A good mediator gets to the heart of disputes, is empathetic to everyone’s situation, and tries to craft a resolution that satisfies everyone’s needs. There is often more than just money to consider, and a good mediator knows that.


The Best Mediators are Patient

There is often nothing worse than feeling as though someone is trying to rush you out the door or is just interested in notching a “win” for themselves.  The best mediators set aside the time to review the parties’ positions before the day of the mediation and spend as much time with the parties as is necessary on the day of the mediation to either reach a settlement or conclude that one cannot be reached. A Maricopa County mediation lawyer will be patient with both parties to help both parties reach an agreement that is suitable for all involved.


In Need of a Mediator? Call Weinberger Law Today

If you have a business or personal dispute that needs to be resolved and you need a skilled mediation attorney in Arizona to help you, contact us at (480) 536-9991 to speak with attorney Brian Weinberger. We will review your situation, provide an honest assessment, and explain how we can help mediate your case. Don’t let problems at work lead to litigation when mediation can resolve the matter.

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