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Help! Someone Stole My Idea!

“Help! Someone Stole My Idea!” Did They?

“Help! Someone Stole My Idea!”, Intellectual property disputes can be confusing, but a solid Arizona intellectual property lawyer can help clear things up, and if you have a valid dispute, they can assist. Here, we explain the elements required for something to constitute a violation of intellectual property law.


Types of Intellectual Property

The most common types of intellectual property include:

  • Trade Secrets – This is information known only to a company and not public knowledge.
  • Copyright – This includes software, poems, songs, and scripts.
  • Trademarks – This includes symbols, phrases, words, and designs.


Know Your Rights

One of the first things you need to do to determine whether or not someone has stolen your idea is to know your rights. An intellectual property lawyer will be able to explain your rights regarding intellectual property so you can have a clear understanding of them. If you hold a trademark or have developed a logo, you have the right to stop someone else from using your trademark or logo or any similar marks or logos that are deceptively similar to your mark or logo. You have the right to stop others from copying or distributing your music, writings, or designs without your express consent as the owner of these types of intellectual property.


Hire an Attorney Immediately

Whether or not you are certain that your idea was stolen or used without your permission, you need to hire an intellectual property attorney in Maricopa County immediately. By hiring an attorney, you can find out whether you have a case and begin the process of building a case against the company or person suspected of stealing your idea, design, product, or other items.


How to Value Intellectual Property

Part of any intellectual property claim will be determining the value of the property that has been stolen or misused. A lawyer will use one of three ways to value your intellectual property and they include the following:

  • Market Valuation – The lawyer will examine the sale of similar intellectual property items to determine the value of your item.
  • Cost Valuation – He or she will take a look at how much it costs to create the item and how much it would cost to recreate it today.
  • Income Valuation – A lawyer will take a look at the income made from the piece of property and estimates how much could have been made in the future.

If someone has used deceptive advertising or tried to deceive consumers into believing that their product is actually yours, you may also be able to get a judgment that would require the deceptive party to pay to you the amount of the profits they made as a result of their deception.


Did Someone Steal Your Idea? Call Weinberger Law Today

Do you think that someone or another company stole your idea or logo? If so, it’s best to speak with an Arizona intellectual property attorney from Weinberger Law about your situation. Call our office at (480) 536-9991 to schedule a consultation today. We will conduct a thorough review of your claim to determine if your idea truly was stolen and explain how you can move forward to protect it.

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