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Intellectual Property Violation

ADIDAS Accuses Forever 21 of Intellectual Property Violation

Two fashion giants are clashing as Adidas is accusing Forever 21 of an intellectual property violation. The violation in question? Adidas claims that Forever 21 is using its signature three-stripe design on their clothing. Intellectual property is a hot topic for businesses of all sizes and in every industry. Protecting a company’s intellectual property is a primary priority for business owners. That’s why it’s best to have a trademark infringement lawyer represent your company when an issue arises.


An Overview of the Lawsuit

This intellectual property battle began more than two years ago when Adidas filed its original lawsuit against Forever 21, claiming Forever 21 was selling products and garments that included striped designs that infringed upon Adidas. The original lawsuit also maintained that Forever 21 was offering customers repurposed Adidas products on its website. Now, Adidas wants to have the response claims made by Forever 21 dismissed from the case.

Forever 21’s response claim centers around the Adidas three-stripe design. Forever 21 claims that a three-stripe diagonal design positioned parallel with each other against a background of contrasting color is invalid. Forever 21 went on to assert that this design is decorative, and the trademark should face cancellation.

Adidas, which has used the three-stripe design since 1952, responded to the Forever 21 claim with the following:

Adidas “does not use stripes merely as a design element.” It is “a source identifier that Adidas has carefully cultivated through its investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and promotions, including its sponsorships of athletes, sports teams, musical artists, and fashion designers.”


Intellectual Property Is Important to Your Company

The intellectual property created by your company is essential to its success. Protecting said property should always be a top priority. An intellectual property attorney in Maricopa County from Weinberger Law will be able to help your company fight violations of intellectual property and prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

Our firm has been fighting for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years, protecting their intellectual property through mediation and litigation. We are not afraid to take our fight to court, so your company does not lose out on profits because another company violated your intellectual property.

The property created by your company and its employees belongs to your organization and no one else. Some of these violations arise when former employees try to use something they created while working for you with a new employer. We can help draft the proper language in your employment contracts to relay the message that all intellectual property belongs to your company.


Have a Case for an Intellectual Property Violation? Call an Attorney Today

If you are facing an intellectual property violation, then you need to speak to an experienced intellectual property lawyer in Maricopa County about your case. When it comes to fighting on your behalf, the team at Weinberger Law is relentless. Helmed by an award-winning, 34-year legal veteran, Attorney Brian A. Weinberger will stop at nothing to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Ready to win? Give us a call at 480-536-9991 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation today.

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